Primary Tubular Hangers

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Primary Tubular Hangers

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love these hangers!
5 out of 5

I have lots of colors in my closet, but bought these to upgrade the kids' closets, they had small kid-size hangers and their clothes are falling off. I let them pick their own color for hangers, these even LOOK way better than any cheap plastic hangers you can find.

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Color Coded Closet Good hangers and now I have my closet color coded. Makes my life easier and makes my closet cleaner and prettier. May 2, 2014
tubular hangers I have been going to the container store for at least 25 years, and I am not from Atlanta Ga, so every thanksgiving we have to stop by the store. to purchase more hangers, my two sisters and their familes are all colored coated hangers. from purple to yellow and blue and pink. and even the kids are colored coated hangers also we have a new addition coming in July and he already has his hangers. they are wonderful, sturdy hangers, thick and hang the clothes well. I'm sure that when our kids get grown that will start another generation of theses wonderful hangers. April 25, 2014
Primary Tubular Hangers - AWESOME! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the colored hangers! My mornings are so easy now with the help of these great hangers. They really helped with organizing my closet and helping me pick pants in the morning that actually fit at whatever is my current weight. I organized the colors by my weight instead of size. For example, a size 8 fits different in every brand and this eliminates that frantic searching every morning for pants that fit. So simple, but very effective and economical. Red : 135 â¿¿ 140 (Red = Danger zone I am really overweight) Green : 134 â¿¿ 129 Purple : 128 â¿¿ 123 Yellow : 122 â¿¿ 117 (Yellow= Sun shiny days reached weight loss goal) April 24, 2014
Love! Versatile, colorful and sturdy. Fun addition to the closet! February 26, 2014
Excellent Product Well constructed, brightly colored hangar works great with heavier clothing. I'm planning on ordering more in the near future. November 23, 2013
THE Standard These sturdy hangers are just what I wanted. They are smooth without any seams to snag clothes. The bold, bright, cheerful colors should even enliven a somber close! October 31, 2013
Good choice Love the hangers they are very sturdy and durable. They are 100% better than what I get from other stores. Clothes hang beautifully. July 23, 2013
Best Packaging Gimmick Ever There is only one thing better than buying a package of hangers...buying more hangers. I never thought I would need more than 72 hangers but I keep finding new clothes and all the new colors of these hangers. Super durable and a great way to organize by color or type of clothing (I'm using the royal blue for knits and tees). May 2, 2013
Life Changer I started buying tubular plastic hangers from the Container Store more than 20 years. ago, and since then I have banned all wire hangers from my closets. I love the way these plastic hangers never get tangled up, and my clothes hang beautifully. At first, I thought buying hangers was a crazy, extravagant expense, but over the years they have proven to be one of my best investments. They never wear out or break, and when I need more, the Container store always has them in stock. I love these hangers and I love my closets! April 27, 2013
Primary Tubular Hangers Love them, got my order within 4 days going to purchase more... April 8, 2013
AWESOME! I love these hangers. They are better than what I get at other stores. They are colored which makes it easy for sorting and hanging clothes in closets. Each of my family members have a color and know which hangers (clothing) is theirs. March 21, 2013
Cute & cheap Love the hangers. I bought for my closet and came back for more March 18, 2013
Great Product The tubular hangars are perfect for home and for college. I recently bought them for my son and they are durable and handle pants as well as tops --no need to have multiple hangars. And they last! March 18, 2013
Another Great Purchase Love the color variety and making them in my favorite color, red, will only lead me to purchase many more. March 14, 2013
Handsome Hangers This is the best plastic hanger I've found. No little hooks for skirts or dresses, but nothing to snag a shirt either. Just a simple, sturdy hanger. Great colors too. February 3, 2013
Great Hangers These hangers are great, the colors are fun and they are exactly what I needed for my son's closet. November 16, 2012
Kids' laundry - organized! I have five children, ages 7-12. In order to put some sort of organization to laundry days, I have assigned each child a different colored hanger. As clothes come out of the dryer, I hang them on the appropriate hanger and then the kids can take them upstairs and put them away. The hangers are sturdy and withstand the tugs of rushing hands. They are bright and vibrant and make my laundry room cheery (if that's possible). I also like that the colors are consistent. I have had to add to our hanger collection over time, and appreciate that the colors are the same in every batch. I am one of those OCD people who would be bothered if they were all different shades. May 2, 2012
Great colors and smooth hanging Purchased these hangers for my children's closet - great colors and the hanger are smooth well made plastic - last forever!! I also went back and bought black for my husband's casual clothes as well as mine. Definitely recommend. April 27, 2012
Great deal on a Sturdy Product I bought a 72 pack of royal blue this weekend to hang fabric on my new freestanding elfa in my sewing room. It looks so beautiful and colorful. The hangers are also very sturdy - holding some heavy fabrics, like canvas and corduroy. April 27, 2012
Great buy! My husband and I were in the middle of building our closet when we realized we needed hangers. We went to the container store and immediately fell in love with these hangers and the variety of colors. They are very durable and it also givese the opportunity to coot cod my closet. We will be returning to purchase more! March 19, 2012
Tubular Hangers- Great Organizational Tool! I have 5 children and 2 adults living in my home. Laundry is a large daily chore at our home. To make laundry sorting easier, I have purchased the tubular hangers in 7 different colors, one for each member of my family. When the kids come to the laundry room to collect their belongings, it is easier to just look for their assigned color hanger. Makes it easier for Dad to tell who's things are who, too! They make a colorful statement in their closet as well. March 11, 2012
Simple but recommended Not a bad little hanger for drying T-shirts. It's lightweight and colorful. Doesn't take up a lot of valuable rack space in the closet. February 16, 2012
sturdy and fun These hangers are sturdier than the cheapo plastic ones available at certain popular national chains which will remain nameless. Also, bright yellow. No one carries this variety of colors. February 13, 2012
good hangers for any closet I think these plastic hangers are a good value for the price... The colors are fair selection but they are reliable , easy to use and do the job.... Plus with different colors can add variety to any size closet for shirts, sweaters, small jackets, sweat shirts and more... Being made in the USA is something I always look for in everyday products and purchases... January 10, 2012
Great Hangers! Great Price These hangers now cover my new Elfa walk-in closet and they are great. I'm a big guy and my clothes are heavier than most. These hangers do the trick they can handle clothes that were made for a 6'4" 250lb. guy no problem!! February 15, 2011
hangers I love these! I love to hang my clothes on color coded hangers, it makes items easier to find in my closet. I can also tag my black hangers (with a dot of red nail polish) so I can tell them from my navy items. My closet is sometimes poorly lit, and I need to match correctly! This helps to find those flimsy tops which HIDE otherwise! Smooth & sturdy, keeps my clothes on the hanger! Will continue to order these! November 30, 2010
Like I ordered a "rainbow" of colors for my son's closet now that his clothes are too big for "baby" hangers. Will be ordering more soon. November 27, 2010
love these hangers! I have lots of colors in my closet, but bought these to upgrade the kids' closets, they had small kid-size hangers and their clothes are falling off. I let them pick their own color for hangers, these even LOOK way better than any cheap plastic hangers you can find. May 19, 2010
Bright and fun Makes my closet seem cheerier! Easy to add more that match exactly at a later date! March 17, 2010
Awesome These hangers have been a real find and now they are the backbone of my closet. March 8, 2010
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