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Olka Hangers

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Love these hangers!
5 out of 5

These are the best hangers, they are the only ones I use. They do not leave hanger marks on the shoulders of shirts or sweaters,

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Functional but not great
3 out of 5

They slide around on the hanger too much but you can still use them.

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Olka Hangers 4.8 5 59 59
Just hanging out This hanger is the best we have bought in years. We have never had one break and the clothes fit extremely well on them. We did not buy them for price, but for the ability to do what they are made for. July 10, 2014
Olka Hangers Are The Best! I have totally revamped my closet with Olka hangers! June 28, 2014
Great Hanger - will be buying more These are the BEST hangers! The curved ends are great for tops. Regular hangers leave humps in shoulders & these do not. Shirts hang in a normal shape. They are strong enough for heavy jeans. The end hooks are great for cami's, scarves & belts. Love Them! April 10, 2014
simply awesome I have had these several years. No problems at all with breakage or with leaving marks in my clothes,. March 18, 2014
Most Favorite Hanger I have decided that this is my most favorite hanger. It is sturdy, thin, and the curved ends keep my shirts smooth on the shoulders. I have kept purchasing the black ones only to keep them matching. Perhaps one day, I will find a good way to incorporate the other colors to my closet! February 25, 2014
AMAZING I can't believe I found a rack that will finally fit my clothes, and not leave any marks on the shoulders. I was having a problem with regular plastic hangers leaving imprints on my expensive sweaters on the shoulders where they hung on the rack, and they made the sweater look silly when I wore them. I always had these awkward bumps...... I purchased these, and they work perfectly. They fit sweaters/blouses just right so they round the shoulder, and won't leave marks like other hangers. I replaced all my old hangers with these! January 16, 2014
Olka hangers This is the best hanger you will ever buy for any type clothing. they are sturdy, and absolutely no shoulder problems, etc. I just bought another 90 so everything in the house is on this hanger. you will not be sorry. January 8, 2014
Great for women's clothes If you are tired of stretch marks on your favorite tee shirts, these are the hangers for you; and they aren't made in China! They have the right amount of slope to keep from poking into the fabric of your dresses and shirts. I redid all the hangers in my closets with these beauties. October 29, 2013
Can't Live Without!!! I air dry a ton of my clothes and I hate the "bumps" regular standard hangers leave on the shoulders of shirts. Olka Hangers are perfect for the perfectionist like myself! Also, the first set I ever bought was over 14 years ago and they are still in brand new condition. They are a bit more expensive than the typical plastic hanger, but well worth the investment!!! October 7, 2013
Worthless Olka Hanger Clips I love the Olka hangers. But the hanger clips? They don't grip anything except very weakly. The spring is plastic and not metal, so that may explain their near complete lack of grip. Totally disappointed and had to trash them (and the money spent on them). The Olka hanger clips are a total fail, Container Store. :( Stop selling them (but not the hangers!). October 2, 2013
Wonderful b/c they work for smaller shoulders too! I'm 5'4", and have difficulty finding hangers that won't leave bumps in the sleeves and shoulders of my clothing. The Olkas are the usual width, but their curve makes them perfect for all but the most sharply-tailored of my jackets and blazers. And since they're the usual width, they work for his clothing as well! Definitely worth the price. August 12, 2013
Functional but not great They slide around on the hanger too much but you can still use them. July 13, 2013
Like the hangers I like the hangers much better than what is now available on the market. However, they are still quite large. Perhaps the manufacturer would consider making a smaller size of the same design. also, it would be nice if the lower bar was thicker so pants could be hung on it. Sorry to be such a complainer. June 17, 2013
Garment Safe Hanger The Olka hanger is the perfect solution to hanging knitted garments, sweaters, or tops. It's curved shape allows you to hang garments safely with out stretching or bagging the sleeve. The store carries them in a pack of three in clear plastic. I've been using them for the past four years and add a few more sets as my wardrobe expands. April 28, 2013
fantastic I feel silly being excited about hangers - but I am.Still. And I've been using them for years. The hangers keep your clothes looking the way they were meant to. I do mix in the regular tube hangers for my sleeveless shirts. April 26, 2013
Found the perfect hanger! I have always wanted a clothes hanger that didn't put those indentations in the shoulders and this seems to be the one! April 19, 2013
Olka . . . The Best I purchase Olka hangers for mine and my husbands clothing. I purchase black for him and white for me. The way they curve down towards the ends makes clothing lay nicely and not have points at the shoulders. They are sturdy and strong and can hold a lot of weight, but also work nicely for lighter or more delicate pieces. Our closet looks very nice and structured with black on one side and white on the other. These are a must have instead of the wire hangers that we all usually have. March 30, 2013
Love these! These hangers work great! They don't cause hanger bumps on my shirts. I bought a few, and I'm definitely planning to buy more! March 24, 2013
No Shoulder Pucker These are the best hangers ever! They are the only ones that do not leave a shoulder pucker in my shirts and blouses - my hubby's too. They are lightweight and colorful to boot! I am buying more. March 23, 2013
The Only Hangers I Will Use We love having these hangers in our home! I hang dry many of our clothing items and really like that no bumps are present after drying. We have the clear ones and I like how simple and streamlined they look hanging in our closet. They are worth the extra money! Now, if only The Container Store would open a location in Wisconsin so I could stop in and get some more! March 18, 2013
Great hangers These hangers works very well for tops and light knits because they don't distort the shape of the clothing at all. The clips work very well for skirts and pants. They are lightweight and sturdy. March 17, 2013
Great! I love these hangers because they don't make the shoulders stick up. My clothes look like they were meant to look. February 2, 2013
whats the hang up they are strong plastic hangers. they come a lot of colors.i think they are better than wood hangers.i replaced my wood hangers with them. December 16, 2012
Modern look from a modern plastic What can be said that hasn't been said already? I'll get technical: Olka hangers are made of polypropylene, recognizable by its translucency, lack of any scent, and an inability to be snapped - which is due to its very long chain molecules, that the DOE Office of Science says are entangled with each other like "cooked long noodles". Strong and light, and smooth to the touch, these are made of the perfect material (and one that is environmentally friendly). Aesthetically, they are unique. The translucent /white-ish hangers would look fantastic on a silver/chrome metal clothes rod. I did not buy the colored ones so I can't comment on those. Perhaps metal or wood hangers would look more classical, but if your tastes run more to the modern, or perhaps if you wish to save metal or wood hangers for a few special suits while having something else more affordable (but still stylish) for your greater numbers of shirts, these Olka hangers would be a distinctive choice. In an ideal world they could be more rounded than ribbed, but that is for strength. These slip really easily into even small t-shirt neck openings by the way - no stretching at all. They find their way easily, I suppose because of the curved shape. September 27, 2012
Great Product Bought the hangers for my daughter's off-the-shoulder t-shirts that have no seam at the sleeve. They worked so well in maintaining the shape of other stretch tops, knits and t-shirts, I bought some for myself as well. I frequently hang clothing pulled damp from the drier. The shape of the hanger enables me to hang the items without fear of leaving the triangular-shaped bulge that a standard-shaped hanger would. August 3, 2012
Everyting it says it does/doesn"t do no more shoulder nipple - great for silk and wool sweaters even cotten tees hang easy and hold shape August 2, 2012
Great for petites Finally found a great hanger for petite size shirts. Although it is 16-1/2" wide, the way it curves results in no unsightly bumps on sleeves. July 25, 2012
No shoulder bump.s! Finally; hangers that are not too expensive and actually do not leave shoulder bumps in my many (many) knits. I have a lot of padded hangers -- they leave bumps too, even the designer-name brands. What's up with that?! These hangers are just right and come in a bunch of fun colors -- what's not to love. I ordered one 3-pack, then ordered 5 more, and now, yes, I need another bunch. Definitely worth it. June 29, 2012
Good for wet clothes The sloping sides of these hangers, and the fact that they are plastic, makes them perfect if you have wet clothes that you like to hang dry. I don't use them for much else since I prefer wood hangers but these are good for some things. April 30, 2012
Love these hangers I have filled my closet with these hangers. I won't use anything else. They have a great shape, cool colors and they are unique. Love them! April 27, 2012
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