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Shoulder Shapers

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Fantastic product!
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These shoulder shapers are fabulous! They make it so easy to air dry my sweaters and tops without getting those extra bumps in the shoulders! The only problem with my order wasn't with the product, it was with the shipping costs. I paid $9 for standard shipping and the total for the product was only around $15. That's an awfully steep...

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Great shapers I like to drip dry a lot of my husbands knit shirts. These hangers work great. The clothing does not get hanger marks. Because these shapers are plastic, they work well for damp clothing. They fit snuggly on the hangers I purchased from The Container Store. Durable and strong. September 15, 2014
Awesome customer service I purchased these through click and pick up, and failed to check the bag when I picked the purchase up. It turned out that one of the sets of 4 only had 3 pieces. I called customer service and they immediately sent out a replacement pack. The shapers work as advertised and keep the shoulders of my jackets from getting kinks from the hangers. July 8, 2014
No more pointy shoulders I started buying these for hanging damp shirts to dry. Then I bought more for hanging sweaters. Then I bought more for hanging shirts. My only slight caveat is that they can snap off the hangers rather easily when I'm sliding clothes off them, but that's better than not being able to remove them if I ever need to. And of course they do take up more room on the rod, so I can't use them for everything or I would run out of hanging space. But they are great for what they are meant to do. May 4, 2014
Small Price, Huge Difference on Laundry Day! I can't believe I lived without this simple product for as long as I have! To extend the life of my families clothes and to save energy, I try to hang dry as much as possible. So seeing clothes draped over most every rod and surface in our home was the norm on laundry day. These plastic shapers pop on to my hangers so that pretty much any jacket, shirt, sweater, etc. can be dried on a hanger without worrying about the inside drying in a timely manner, or without the pointed corners that would remain on the shoulders of my families shirts as they wore them around all day. February 13, 2014
Awesome product Love these!! I only use Container Store tubular hangers & these are perfect! They snap right on & stay put. Clothes hang better & will last longer. No more "shoulder points". They make the hangers wider, so they do take up more space on the rod, but that is to be expected. All in all, just what I needed. February 9, 2014
Do what they are supposed to do These really do hold sweaters in a way that no dimples are left in the knit. They hold heavy and light sweaters alike. They also display the clothing nicely as they show a wider profile of the garments they are holding. Need more for later when I add more knitwear to my wardrobe! January 5, 2014
No sweater bumps I like to use these on all the sweaters and knits I hang. No more trying to iron out shoulder bumps. November 7, 2013
Fantastic Find! This is one of the best discoveries I've made! I am always hanging my t-shirts and shells to prevent dryer shrinkage, but was disgusted by "hanger bumps!" No more hanger bumps with Shoulder Shapers. April 1, 2013
Shoulder Shapers are a Winner These shoulder shapers are great - very easy to clip on the tublar plastic hangers. My sweaters are in much better shape since using them - no stress on the shoulder/sleeve area. I will be buying more of them March 27, 2013
NO MORE FUNNY SHOULDER LUMPS I kept going back for more until all my plastic hangers have Shoulder Shapers. They are better than heavy wood hangers for keeping shoulders smooth. They snap on to plastic hangers easily and stay there. No more trying to iron out ugly bumps before dressing. I love this product. March 18, 2013
Ingenious Great idea - fits perfectly. No more sweater problems. February 17, 2013
Great product! I love this product! It was so easy to attach to my plastic hangers and it has saved a number of my shirts from getting "hanger dents" in the shoulders. I liked it so much I bought 2 more packs so now all my sweaters are "hanger dent" free. Money very well spent! February 13, 2013
Fantastic product! These shoulder shapers are fabulous! They make it so easy to air dry my sweaters and tops without getting those extra bumps in the shoulders! The only problem with my order wasn't with the product, it was with the shipping costs. I paid $9 for standard shipping and the total for the product was only around $15. That's an awfully steep percentage of the purchase!! January 1, 2013
I love these! Why didn't I know about these before? They are the perfect solution to my problem. My sweaters look wrinkled if I fold them and put them in the drawer - no matter well I fold them. These are an inexpensive way to keep from having those shoulder bumps in your sweaters with just regular hangers or wrinkles from folding. December 4, 2012
Great Product for hanging tops and blouses I hand wash many of my silk blouses and tops and use the shoulder shapers to prevent "hanger lines" when they are drip-drying. I've been using these products for years and love them! April 7, 2012
Shoulder Shapers Very economical way to get rid of the shoulder marks left from regular hangers. Easy to apply to plastic hangers. If you want to upgrade, try the Contour No Slip Coat Hanger - it's my favorite. November 27, 2011
Love my shapers I was introduced to The Container Store 15 years ago in the Dallas area. Shopped also in Chicago stores. Container Store is the only place that I can find the shoulder shapers--I have 29 pairs and obviously love the way they shape the shoulders on all the jackets and blouses on which I use them. Would recommend them to any and every one. Thanks April 7, 2011
Shoulder Shapers I found these hard to use. They were a bit tricky to get on the round tubular hangers and would come off very easily when I took the garment off. I see other reviewers liked them but they didn't work for me. I thew them away. March 27, 2011
Gets rid of shoulder bumps Great idea for getting rid of shoulder bumps,easy to use . February 15, 2011
shoulder shapers These should shapers fit nicely on plastic hangers and keep the "bumps" out of the shoulders of light jackets or sweaters. December 10, 2010
These shoulder shapers are great for hanging shirts that you hang to dry. They dry with a nice shape and you don't end up with hanger marks on the shoulders that will need to be ironed. May 17, 2010
good quality I've been really happy with these! They stayed on well, and there are no strange 'bumps' in my knits anymore. May 17, 2010
I Love These! I can't imagine doing laundry without these! They make such a huge difference! May 17, 2010
Great product that really works These shoulder shapers really do eliminate the shoulder bumps in my husband's and son's polo type shirts. I am so happy not to have to iron them out before they wear them! I used to be able to buy these locally, but that store has discontinued them. I was so happy to find them here! May 3, 2010
Terrific! I dry my husband's golf shirts for 10 minutes in the dryer, then hang so they don't shrink, and the hangar shoulder was awful. No matter how carefully I arrange the shirt on the hangar he always had points. Completely eliminated with this product! April 26, 2010
Love these! I love love love this product. Saves me from hanger shoulder and is much more gentle on my clothes than just the tubular hangers. March 3, 2010
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