Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander by Umbra®

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Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander by Umbra®

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Great for Standard Poles
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Make organizing our closet a dream without paying an armload for a remodel. If you have a standard closet pole, note you need to take the pole off and slide the hooks of the extension over the pole; they will not fit if you try and just jam them down.

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Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander by Umbra® 4.7 5 79 79
No more Frustration I don't use this to hang twice as many clothes since on the bottom they need to be available to go to the floor. The floor is used for other items like shoes, totes and laundry basket to name a few. However by shortening the top strings (tying a knot and looping hook through) I can hang empty hangers separately. No more searching for an empty hanger or empty hangers getting tangled in the way of the clothes my search to find something to wear in the morning. Alternatively you can hang clothes on top rod and hangers on the bottom. I am also transitioning to Huggables. These are great for those of us who "drip dry". July 10, 2014
Disappointed We were excited to think we had found a solution for a too-small closet in a first apartment. While the product is flexible, it is not sturdy enough to hold hanging clothes in a stable way. First, the two sides are not level; in order for the rod to be level, the adjustable rope on one side has to be shorter than the other. And once clothes are hung, they shift to the end of the rod. We placed only light-weight clothes on it, but it didn't help. Perhaps the positive reviews about baby rooms' closets was the tip-off - it just doesn't work for adult clothes. July 5, 2014
More clothes? Bring it on! All of a sudden I have two tiers of clothes space in my closet.. this is a great product. Unbelievably strong, versatile and flexible. You can move it up, down and side-side. The wires are pretty strong and hold a lot of clothes. June 21, 2014
Perfect Purchase! It helped get the job done of organizing my closet and it looks great too! June 9, 2014
Perfect This is exactly what I needed. I like that it is adjustable in length and in the height of the bar. The bar is not quite as sturdy as I expected, but I have it loaded with clothes and it seems to be find. I am happy with the purchase. April 7, 2014
Umbra to the Rescue After a recent move, I realized I had downsized from a walk-in closet to a closet 1/2 the size of what I was use to. I suppose back in the 1920's women didn't have as many clothes as they do these days. What's a girl going to do? Well the first thing this girl did was to click on containerstore.com and that's where I found my closet rod expander in shining chrome. I doubled my closet hanging space and because it expands in length and width I can make adjustments to meet every seasons needs. Thank you Umbra, you are my hero! April 5, 2014
Great Purchase This expander has DOUBLE my closet space. Love it. April 1, 2014
Great versatile solution for your closet! I just downsized dramatically and I was really getting stressed over the lack of closet space in my new condo. "To The Container Store!!" I shouted! The Dublet was the first thing I purchased and the angels sang! Everything fits...with room to spare. I bought three more doublets. The best thing about them is the versatility...they adjust from side to side as well as up and down...so clothes don't need to drag on the floor which has been a problem with other organizers I have tried in the past. I'm thrilled with the Dublet...Kudos to the inventor and THANKS to The Container Store!! March 28, 2014
Life Saver This product is a life (or clothes) saver! I just moved from a house with a large walk-in closet in my room into a room with a tiny closet. I seriously had nowhere to put my clothes! It's adjustable, so I was able to make it the right height for my clothes. Love it! March 26, 2014
Great Buy I bought this for my son's dorm in college 2 years ago. They have limited space in every room including one rod in the closet. For boys, all their clothes only occupy the top part of the closet leaving the lower section open. The extra rod was a big help. It kept his clothes all neatly organize and double the usable space. Still have room for 2 shoe racks on the bottom of the closet! March 14, 2014
Pleased I have tiny closets and am very happy that I purchased this. It practically doubles my space and I was also able to add the hanging sweater bag. I can see my wardrobe now and it makes getting myself together in the morning so much easier. February 7, 2014
Inexpensive Closet Organizer! This is a fabulous solution for those of us with limited funds for closet system. Moving from a house to apartment was challenging. Small closets were made more than functional with this item and Best part is no drilling or holes to repair! November 17, 2013
Great Product at a Great Price After looking at similar products that had bad reviews and costs double the money I was thrilled to find this item and took a big leap of faith that it would meet my needs. It definitely did. Doubled our closet space with no tools or directions needed to install. Easy to adjust to the height wanted and able to hold all the items I need the extra space for. I couldn't be more happy and will definitely recommend this product to anyone needing this type of solution. November 1, 2013
Good This item did save me a lot of space!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 28, 2013
Very flexible option I was looking for a closet rod doubler to hand in my 5 year old's closet that would allow her to access her dresses and skirts independently, but all of the available choices online had a minimum width of 30 inches and rigid sides. We had a custom closet with a space of 17 inches so that wouldn't work for us. This doubler has been just right - the hooks can fit on the bar and the ropes that hang down have enough give to conform to the narrow space so that it works. The rod does swing a bit when you are placing hangers on or taking them off, but that is not much of a problem. Overall, for the price, I am very pleased with this flexible rod doubler, and so is my daughter October 19, 2013
Another great product This allows you to separate items and easily retrieve them. Easy product to use. September 23, 2013
adjustable closet rod by Umbra For anyone who has a small closet but you want to expand your space, this works great. The product is easy to use, very sturdy, and holds a lot of clothes. My best closet organizer purchase ever made. September 14, 2013
Great for Kids! I put this in my granddaughter's closet. She started kindergarten this year and can make her own clothing selections and dress herself before coming downstairs in the morning. No climbing, no crying, no pulling. This lower rack doubles her closet capacity and eases her access to school clothes while "special" items are stored above. September 10, 2013
Clothing Hanger Doubler Great space saver. I bought this with the intention of giving it to my daughter to take to college. She didn't want it so I am going to use it to reorganize my closet. August 18, 2013
Second one I had one of these already so it was an easy decision. Hangs great, very sturdy, and simple to use and customize. July 23, 2013
So Smart I think that this is a neat idea. It is just what I was looking for. I needed some extra hanging room in my closet and this was it. I love the price and the quality of this product. Good job TCS. July 16, 2013
Disappointing Value I bought this for use in my baby's closet. I was disappointed in the quality of the product, which perhaps could have been prevented by taking it out of the package at the store to have a better look at it. It is too long for what I need, even at the shortest level, and the width doesn't stay secure. Because the sides are nylon rope rather than metal, it swings quite a bit and other hangars easily catch on it. I paid the same price for a product that was 100% metal and more secure at a different store. July 11, 2013
Best for baby clothes Purchased this to expand space for baby clothes and it has worked out nicely. I like the height and width adjustment. I'm not sure how usable this would be for full size men's clothing. May 17, 2013
Great for college! My daughter used this in her dorm room closet for all four years and it really doubled the size. It lasts well and is very durable! For any tight space or quarter-life living, this closet rod really is a space saver. April 9, 2013
Just what the closet needed This works great! My son has a closet with a lower than normal hanging bar, and the adjustments on this made it possible for me to double the hanging space for his smaller clothes and not have to re-do the existing bar. April 5, 2013
Best Purchase for our boys small closets!! Our boys closets are not that big, but this doubled the amount of clothes we can hang! It also allows us to add another level of clothes to allow them to start picking out their clothes since it is now at their level and they can reach it. We LOVE this item!!! April 3, 2013
every closet needs it I thought I need it the closet extendor, but when I bought it, I realized that I really did. I love the extra space it gave me, although it is not that strong. The stings are getting longer with weight. March 18, 2013
Restored the peace between the sisters My two daughters (13 and 7) used to share the room and one closet. It was an old fashioned closet with one big shelf and one long rod. They always fought for the hanging space, my older has more jeans/pants and my little one has huge collection of dresses. And little one always needed the help to get the dress and never hung them back (she was not able to reach). I used to go to their room every morning once they left for school and hang all the dresses. When I instaled Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander by Umbra they no longer fought and I no longer needed to constantly rehang the dresses. little one got plenty of space on the bottom which gave her control over what she was going to wear and I did not see dresses scattered over the floor anymore. And my older one got plenty of space for jackets, jeans(she forded them in half to hang), and blouses. She still got some space for long dresses on the side of the rod. So this was perfect solution worth millions of dollars for the love between sisters and mom's sanity. March 18, 2013
Perfect! I love this rod expander! Took it out of package and hang up with ease. It is exactly what I have been looking for because it does just what it says, it is adjustable both in length and width and it is very sturdy. Gave me much more hanging space in seconds! Super easy to adjust both ways. Love it! March 17, 2013
Works for me! I had purchased one of these about 6 years ago so that my daughter would be able to reach her clothes. I was amazed at the sturdiness! The retractable cords really stay in place, even when the bar is loaded up with hangers and clothes. We just moved into a new house and I just bought two more. They really do work, and if you want a low cost, low stress way of creating a double bar in your closet, this is it. March 8, 2013
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