32-Compartment Drawer Organizer

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32-Compartment Drawer Organizer

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Nice little chaos tamer
5 out of 5

I am a sock fiend. No, seriously: between my knitting socks and my habit of picking up quirky mass-produced socks as souvenirs or just for fun, I have an embarrassment of socks. Four elfa drawers full, actually. Obviously I need several types of help, but I opted to try the drawer organizers before moving on to sockadone therapy. Once I figured...

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Nice Theory
3 out of 5

We purchased these for the new elfa system we installed in the master closet. They are a nice theory, but we found that when we put them in the drawer they were not sitting flat; the system kind of arched in the drawer. It also didn't work at all for the thicker socks. We did get one set to work for the thinner types of socks. I think they are...

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32-Compartment Drawer Organizer 4.6 5 62 62
Love it! I recently purchased the bamboo drawer organizer for my utensils and it was a great purchase. We went form having a cheap metal mesh organizer to a bamboo one. What a great purchase. The bamboo tray fits perfect in my kitchen drawer and it looks wonderful. I also purchased the 32 drawer compartment organizer. I got it more for my daughter's socks. She is 2 years old and loves to put the socks away now. It just makes everything so much more organized. May 7, 2014
Great drawer organizer! Great for organizing our sock drawers! Love that I can easily see everything without having to dig. Easy to put together. The drawers of my dresser are only 13" deep so it was too snug... I had to turn the organizer 90 degrees and remove one piece to make it fit the depth of the drawer. No big deal, but I would have liked to be able to add more pieces from a second organizer to fill the width of the drawer. But I suppose this wouldn't be a problem if it's being used in Elfa drawers. May 3, 2014
Well It wasn't what I thought it was, but its working. April 18, 2014
Great Purchase! I never thought such a simple item could make me so happy! I was slightly worried that the compartments wouldn't be enough for all my socks and tights but I was able to fit two socks in each of the diamond shaped compartments if needed. This drawer organizer makes it so easy now to keep pairs of socks together and to easily see all your socks/tights when you open the drawer. It is very easy to install and folds flat for storage/moving. Everyone loves the organizer when they see it and tell me they want to get one too! It's also very reasonably priced. I wish I got this a long time ago! April 2, 2014
perfect It was exactly what I needed and now my socks are organized and I love it March 28, 2014
Multiplep uses! This started out for my sock drawer, but with some of my hiking socks being bulky it didn't work for all of my socks. So instead, I use it for my undergarments. I have a photo but seeing it's for undergarments,that. Is more of a personal level. I have enough room for my slips as well. This is great for kids clothing too. I recommend it to anyone, March 14, 2014
so tidy These are great for socks and underpants. I love it in a mesh bin on a shelf or in a drawer. You can also cut to custom fit. I first bought one and quickly bought two more. March 13, 2014
Does the job I had a drawer full of cables for electronic devices-- mostly charging cords, some earphones, some USB-to-other cords, and so on. It was almost impossible to find what I was looking for in the jumble. It was slightly tricky connecting the pieces of this organizer but I'm not the most adept person at assembling anything, and the results were SO worth it! I had a few pieces that were slightly too big for the compartments, but I was able to stash those in the back of the drawer behind the organizer. Yay for The Container Store! March 4, 2014
Sock sanity This divider has me excited to put socks away after doing laundry & makes me feel happy every time I slide out the elfa drawer & see every choice, perfectly viewable & accessible! No more digging! February 13, 2014
Liked it Agree with the other reviews - was a little challenging to put together, but works well. Nice to have my socks organized! January 12, 2014
For Husband I got this for my husbands sock drawer but it didn't work so I used it for his underwear. I have to roll them up, but it did help make the drawer look better and hold more. We have deep drawers January 7, 2014
holds quite a bit...more than one pair of socks can fit in each compartment...was a little challenging to get it put together, but then was fine. December 24, 2013
Great Buy This is the second organizer I have purchased. I loved the first one so much, I bought this one for my wife. It makes sorting socks so easy. They never get mixed up. It's a little challenging to put together, but well worth the effort. September 22, 2013
Fit our needs Excellent organizer for socks, undies and craft ribbons. I bought some extras to use as needs arose. Great value! August 27, 2013
Sock Companion Just another handy tool to keep my dresser drawers from being so chaotic. This is excellent for organizing socks, I even use it to sort out small belts. Another nice tool is that you can customize it to any size to fit any size drawer. The Container Store is my absolute favorite place to go to for my organizing needs. April 29, 2013
Best in structured drawers I found these better for my purposes because the usual drawer organizers are too thick and waste space. These are thin & offer lots of compartments. Beware that if you are using on a shelf rather than in a drawer, you'll lose some of the cubbies because the end sections will "disappear." These can be a little tricky to assemble without one end popping out somewhere. I use for panties, would also be good for socks. Unfortunately too small for most padded or underwire bras. And again, not ideal to use in an unstructured space like a shelf because there's no support for the ends - but still usable. April 26, 2013
Nice little chaos tamer I am a sock fiend. No, seriously: between my knitting socks and my habit of picking up quirky mass-produced socks as souvenirs or just for fun, I have an embarrassment of socks. Four elfa drawers full, actually. Obviously I need several types of help, but I opted to try the drawer organizers before moving on to sockadone therapy. Once I figured out which way the bits fit together, the organizers assembled quite easily, even with my dogs, er, "helping." The organizers fit well in the shallow elfa drawers, with only minimal squishing needed to adjust positions -- and most importantly, they work beautifully! I can group my socks by handmade vs. bought, stripes vs. peeries, and see everything in the drawer at once without having to root around. I also love the fact that removing one pair doesn't affect the surrounding socks, so the drawer doesn't get thrown into disarray. Now if the organizers would just roll my socks for me. . . . April 16, 2013
Great Used it in my bathing suit drawer. Worked great for most of my suits. March 30, 2013
Wonderful Drawer Organizer Love this drawer organizer for the way it gives those hard to keep sorted socks and underware neatly stored! March 20, 2013
Good buy for the price Does exactly what you need it to do. Its not impressively sturdy, but it gets to job done for a very reasonable price. March 18, 2013
Not just for socks! I work with a group that teaches miniature painting classes at three conventions annually. We have towers with drawers in them to store the supplies for each classroom that we use. The top two drawers are filled with dozens of small bottles of paint. In between uses these towers are transported a good distance, moved around several times, etc. Each time we went to use them the paint would be completely disorganized and take forever to sort out again. Then we had the good fortune to have a smart teacher think of using drawer organizers! We tried a few different kinds, and these were perfect. They are sturdy enough to keep our bottles of paint standing up and in place, and they adjust to our drawer sizes very easily. And they seem to fit a little more than the square kind. We love them! March 18, 2013
Good value for the money. My drawer looks very nice now. It was the wrong size to fit two next to each other in my drawer, I might try cutting them but I was afraid I would lose storage space. March 18, 2013
Very usefull It works really well, makes finding my socks so easy, and I use it for my underwear too. No more trying to find items, great time saver too. February 22, 2013
More amazing that you would think! I had a very disorganized sock drawer (and a large-ish sock collection). I had been using a non-Container Store brand off rectangular trays to hold folded socks for years, and I'd finally "had it"! I had seen this sock organizer in the store and wondered if it would really be sturdy enough for use and would it work. So, measured my sock drawer and determined that one organizer would fit in one half of the drawer and ordered it on-line (alas, we do not have a Container Store in Albuquerque). When it arrived (neatly stacked in a lightweight cardboard box well packed in the shipping box), I read the instructions. The organizer was easy and quickly assembled, and it fit perfectly into the left half of my drawer. I got to work sorting and organizing the socks into it, and was done in less than 20 minutes. Two pairs of small socks (no cuffs) will fit in the "hole" and the compartments are so smooth and sturdy! I was able to fit nearly all of my socks formerly occupying the whole drawer into the organizer sitting in half of the drawer. I will be ordering at least two more organizers - another one for the right half of the sock drawer for "sock growth" and the knee highs, and another one for my underwear drawer. February 15, 2013
Best Sock organizer! This organizer has completely tidied up my sock drawer. It is easy to store socks in it by color, etc. and I can just reach in and grab the pair I need without hunting through a messy drawer. This keeps all the sock pairs together - all neat and tidy. Love, love, love this item!! April 28, 2012
Finding adjustable compartments for my underwear I love the fact that I can adjust the drawer organizer to fit different drawers. I have never been able at one glance to tell if I need to start a load of laundry, pick the right pair of underwear to wear for different outfits, and separate my underwear according to color and style. For a type-A personality who is also absentminded, the 32-compartment drawer organizer enhanced my organization. I would highly recommend this product to anyone! April 27, 2012
Time saver No matter how neatly I used to fold my tank tops into piles in my drawer, it took me so much time to look through each pile to find the one I needed. With this 32-Compartment Drawer Organizer, I see ALL my tank tops at a glance. Saves me time when getting dressed, as well as putting them away after doing laundry. I just fold my tanks lengthwise into 1/3 the width, roll them up and then stick them into an empty slot. April 27, 2012
perfect for socks my daughters were able to organize all their varied colors of socks so they can quickly pick a pair that matches their outift April 9, 2012
Allows a drawer to hold more! I bought 3 of these for a lingerie chest. By leaving off one piece, they were an exact fit. I was afraid that less socks would fit in the two drawers overcrowded with them. To my surprise, it made them fit just right! I like the organizer for my panties as well, and plan to buy an additional one for another drawer. April 6, 2012
More than just for socks!!! I purchased two sets of these to transport wine goblets to and from functions. After a function I interlock 2 or 3 of them in the bottom of a plastic tote, put the dirty glasses in each "cubbyhole" to save them breaking and cracking in transit, pop the lid on the tote, and it's ready to be stacked and transported. With them being plastic it is easy to wash them along with the glasses and use them to return the clean glasses. We then dismantle and stack them in a small space so the totes can be used for other things as well. Two sets allow us to fill 4-5 totes with glasses. LOVE it! Makes it all so easy to pack up those dirty glasses! March 21, 2012
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