Walnut 24-Tie Hardwood Hanger

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Walnut 24-Tie Hardwood Hanger

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Good way to keep ties off the floor
4 out of 5

My husband used to hang his ties over a regular hanger. I frequently found them on the closet floor sitting in dust (no comments about my housekeeping, please). All his ties were able to fit on this tie hanger. They easily clip in so that they won't slide off and it is very space efficient.

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So great, I have to go back for more! I bought this tie hanger after constantly picking my husband's ties off the floor. Since my husband is working toward a Ministers licence he has lots of ties.Our closet organizer came with one that spins, I actually removed and threw away since the ties kept sliding off. The Hardwood Tie hanger looks fabulous and says it can hold 24 ties, it actually can hold even more, I was able to place 2 ties on each hook. They stay in place and only take up the space of a suit size hanger. Since his collection has grown, I will be going back to purchse a couple more!! I HIGHLY recommend this product. March 21, 2013
Great Product. I used to keep my husband's ties in a box and have a hard time to find the one he wanted to wear because I had to go over 70 ties every time. But now with the hardwood hanger it takes me 3 seconds to pick the right one! I love it! April 22, 2014
Terribly designed Look very closely at the picture. Each wire rack folds back on itself to form a clip. Any piece of folded silk (i.e. a tie) is too thick to get under the clip, and the end of the clip bends up, ending in a metal ball. This means that I either force my ties under the clip, which squishes them, or I hang them over the bent end of the clip, which leaves them not hanging straight and wrinkling at that spot. This was clearly designed for something else and then re-purposed ties. It's awful for ties. January 13, 2014
Great for Organizing and Displaying ties I got this for my boyfriend to display his large collection of ties and keep them organized. It is great. Very easy to show all the ties to help get ready in the mornings. It feels and looks of high made quality. April 26, 2013
Defective product This hanger is a great idea to buy. I returned mine because the clips were strongly shut, making it hard to slide the ties in or out. I recommend checking at each clip first and then buy it if you're pleased with it. I plan to buy another one soon. March 27, 2013
Wonderful Did exactly what it was made for, My husband likes it. April 27, 2012
Looks great Practical and attractive. Love the walnut color. Very satisfied March 19, 2012
Best Purchase for my boyfriend LOVE this product! Boyfriend wears a tie every day to work so you can imagine how many ties are in our closet. After purchasing this, they take up SOOO much less space. LOVE LOVE LOVE this tie hanger March 19, 2012
Great Tie Holder I bought this for my husband for Christmas and he really likes it. It works well and we have not found any problems with it. Good quality product. December 30, 2011
Wonderful Walnut... great accessory to my closet, and a must have to keep ties looking great! December 17, 2011
Elegant organizer for a husband or son's closet The Walnut 24-tie Hardwood Hanger is not only elegant but very good to keep his ties in order. It is a gift that will last them for life. December 1, 2011
I love this tie hanger! Finally a product that takes very little space, is functional and easy to use and allows one to see all ties at the same time. An absolute must for any wardrobe even the most sophisticated one as the quality and looks are also great. November 6, 2011
Great organizer This product is great and keeps my husband's ties from laying around the house. Love it. April 21, 2011
Good way to keep ties off the floor My husband used to hang his ties over a regular hanger. I frequently found them on the closet floor sitting in dust (no comments about my housekeeping, please). All his ties were able to fit on this tie hanger. They easily clip in so that they won't slide off and it is very space efficient. April 14, 2011
Brilliant: No Screws Required! I used two of these Tie Hanger's for a person renting a home. Complete satisfaction in it's simplicity, value, and function! October 6, 2010
Tie One On!! Are you a scarf collector who can't keep track of all your scarves? Having a hard time keeping them organized? I was SO tired of rummaging through all my drawers and baskets looking for the perfect scarf. I really wanted something that would allow to me see all scarves. Something that would allow me to just grab one and go. This tie hanger solved ALL my problems â¿¿ itâ¿¿s PERFECT!! Now, not only are all my scarves tidy and organized, but I can see all of them! And the best part - it hangs in my closet right next to all my clothes!!! October 1, 2010
Pure Awesomeness!!! This tie rack is amazing! It's a must have for every man, or woman if you're into that kind of thing. The stay away from complex tie racks, stick with the simplistic things in life, this tie rack is fail proof! September 3, 2010
This Is Great I bought this item on sale along with the matching belt hanger. It allows me to easily see my ties and makes stowing and getting to them a very simple chore. I have already filled it up with ties and am considering a second one. May 25, 2010
Excellent Product I received this tie hanger as a gift and I am very satisfied with it. The wood is very sturdy and not flimsy. The metal hooks swivel out and are also very sturdy. It is very easy to use and a great organizational tool May 17, 2010
Best I have tried Between my husband and three sons there are a lot of ties in this house and this is the best hanger for them that we have tried. The ties stay on the arms well and it takes minimal closet space. I bought one for each man in my life. May 16, 2010
Best Tie Hanger EVER! My husband had another tie rack prior to me purchasing this one, but it does not compare to how nice and neat this hanger hangs ties. The ties do not wrinkle and each hanger fits 24 whole ties. I LOVE THIS... definitely recommend that every man should own one! May 6, 2010
Perfect for tight spaces This is the best tie rack I have found. It is strong and holds the ties in place. I need to buy more. April 28, 2010
I have to agree these are the best tie racks ever. After shopping for tie racks for a year or so, I have decided these ones are the best. They were (and still are) on sale, while one storing 24 ties, which is considered many. It has easy access for me to put the tie on. April 28, 2010
Best Tie Rack I've Found! My boyfriend told me he didn't this tie rack because he already had two of the cheaper flimsy models where you stack ties on top each other, making it difficult to see the ties without knocking most of them off the rack. So I bought this tie rack as a present to myself because I was tired of picking ties up off the floor. This tie rack is so smart! Ties are easy to see, you can take it out of the closet very easily if you want a better look. AND my favorite park, the ties each fit snuggly on individual hooks so they don't fall off! Boyfriend has been converted and we are pitching the cheapo tie racks and getting a second one of these. April 27, 2010
great for ties Bought this for my husband to help organize his ties. He now doesn't take up room in our drawers and they aren't getting wrinkled. April 21, 2010
A Wonderful Tie Solution My boyfriend had his ties in a plastic bag for years and we saw this tie rack at the Container Store and immediately bought it! Now they are hanging up nicely and I know that my boyfriend will put good use to it. March 30, 2010
Very Useful My boyfriend has so many ties. Whenever he looked for his favorites, he would be in a panic not knowing where he left them. Container Store to the rescue. I purchased this tie hanger and we no longer have a problem. I love the way the hooks fold in to save space. March 10, 2010
Easy solution to a common problem! I have bought my husband a lot of expensive ties over the years ($100 and up), and I was always distressed by how he would just throw them over a chair or knot them over the top of a hanger when he was undressing. After finally asking him about it, I realized that he just didn't have a good way to store them! So i found this item and it has solved the problem! The ties stay organized and easily accessible - he can see them all lined up in a row! And I am so pleased because now they will stay clean and wrinkle-free! March 9, 2010
Really helped! Helped keep up with my husband's ties and keeping them in good shape! Easy to use, able to see all his ties, saves room in the closet too. March 4, 2010
Excellent for the Price This tie rack doesn't look like much, but when I got it I was so pleased. My husband actually uses it! He usually throws his ties into a tangled mess of a drawer, but this sturdy and space efficient hanger does the trick. It hold 24 of his most used ties in strong clips. The clips keep the ties wrinkle free. The walnut color also coordinates beautifully with the closet hangers. It is a very reasonable price for such a useful product. January 26, 2010
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