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Bandage Box

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Bandage Box
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Really helps organizing all the different band aid I had. Now my husband can always find band aids and topical ointment.

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bandage box the box is nice, but it doesnt close well. the openings for bandaides and supplies is small. doesn't hold much. April 15, 2014
Convienent This box is great for grabbing exactly what you need on the spot OR taking the whole box and throwing it in my purse for outings OR in the car for road trips! April 15, 2014
Nice, but.... I liked the idea of having a tube of antibiotic with the band aids, but the lid simply closes shut--it does not latch shut, so this limits how this can be used. The top won't stay closed when moving it around, etc.--you could easily lose the associated tube. it's okay, but I would not have bought it if I had realized that. April 15, 2014
Medicine Cabinet Fixer-upper! I got this in the mail and immediately went to get all of our boxes of random band-aids as well as our antibiotic cream and put this box to the test. The antibiotic cream fit perfectly with room to spare (enough room to put a couple of alcohol swabs). The large bandage side was great for the few larger random size bandages I had. The other side is divided into three sections to accommodate various band-aids and it worked well. I gave it four stars instead of five because I wish the divided band-aid sections were a bit deeper to hold more band-aids. Also,I did not find it flimsy as other reviews had stated but the to piece did pop off when placing the cream there. It was very easy to put back on and I do not see it being a problem at all. It was a great solution for organizing our medicine cabinet, not having all of those little boxes and creams falling out of the medicine cabinet when you open it up. I would highly recommend it - I will be purchasing one for my office as well April 15, 2014
a terrific little organizer All bandages plus the antibiotic cream in one place. Got rid of all the small boxes! Bright red makes it easy to find. April 14, 2014
Really good for being able to instantly see how many of each size bandage you have on hand. I was able to get rid of no less than 6 boxes that were laying in the cupboard--some with only 2 bandages in them! I used the "thermometer/tweezer" compartment for larger gauze pads and smaller "spots" bandages. As mentioned in other reviews, the latch on the compartment for the antibiotic cream is pretty wimpy, but I wanted this box mainly for the bandage organization and I may just remove the lid if it refuses to stay latched. It comes off easily and won't be apparent that I removed anything if I choose to go that route. April 14, 2014
so simple Will repurpose the ziploc bag and am now able to find the bandaid I need. April 13, 2014
So great I bought 2! Tired of my bandaids spilling out of their flimsy boxes into an unusable mess on my floor, I bought this product. It's fantastic. Keeps them clean and organized, plus the antibiotic ointment compartment on top is helpful. I also keep my individual packets of alcohol swabs there. I bought a second box and labeled it latex-free because I have a latex sensitivity and this way I won't make the mistake of using the wrong ones. Highly recommend. April 12, 2014
Love this I have always hated how the band aids would fall out of the paper boxes they come in and end up all over the closet. This is the perfect solution to that problem. April 9, 2014
Great for Organization My husband and I share our lives with parrots who inevitably nip our fingers. The bandage box makes it very easy to grab the size of bandage that you need without rifling though a multisize box trying to find the tiny bandages. It also lets me see what needs to be restocked. I love that there's a place for some antibiotic cream, too. There are generally a few tubes floating around the house, but I always know there's one in the box. The other side of the bandage box is one large compartment. Its not very deep, but you could put some flat gauze bandage packs or some individually wrapped alcohol swabs in there. April 8, 2014
The last frontier When you get to the point that you are organizing your bandages, you have reached the final frontier, You probably already own one of everything at the Container Store. I ordered 2 of these and am basically pleased. This is the ultimate in being able to find what you need quickly when someone is cut and bleeding. It is not too clear from the drawing, but there is a second tilt out compartment on the back for large size bandages and accessories like small scissors and so forth. I used one organizer for the knuckle and fingertip bandages side by side, and the other back compartment will be used for the large 2"x3" bandages. I found only 2 negatives. First, the tilt out compartments are somewhat difficult to open, but it takes less time than locating and opening up every bandage box to find what you need. (I also put labels on the front to distinguish the Mickey Mouse ones from the Ninja Turtles. In a crisis, you don't need a child throwing fit on top of the injury because you grabbed the wrong character.) The second thing is that the plastic seems brittle. One of them arrived broken, with one end of the flip top broken off. (Of course, Container Store is replacing it at no cost, and did not require that I go through the hassle of returning the broken one. Kudos there.) I am not sure that it would survive being dropped on a tile bathroom floor. Still, I would probably buy a new one if that happened. Now that I have this, I am hooked. April 7, 2014
Bandaid Box The box has room for all sizes of bandaids with back compartment for gauze. Fits in medicine cabinet, too. I bought two extra for stocking stuffers because they were red and on sale. April 5, 2014
Just what I needed I but band aids in bulk because of my six year old boy. They end up all over the place and I can never find the Neosporone when I need it. This is fantastic! Everything in one place. February 27, 2014
Just What I Needed Why didn't I think of this? In our family, we are always searching for bandages and never finding any. So much so that we have multiple boxes of bandages and a few tubes of antibiotic cream on each floor of the house. When I can't find any, I just run up the street for more. So, I was very pleased to find this item, that even has multiple compartments for three different size bandages. Each compartment is labeled which is great for kids. I will have to say the Large First Aid Compartment is quite small. I was only able to fit a few alcohol prep pads and a digital thermometer. That being said, it's main purpose is to quickly locate bandages and antibiotic cream when needed so the small compartment is fine with me. It's thin plastic but for $8 it's great. I plan on taking it on our next camping trip. May 1, 2013
Helpful I like that I can see what I have and about how much I have of it...this way I don't reach for a box with only one band-aid left! That said the tilt down function is pretty flimsy, but I don't find it to be an issue...it just doesn't function as it was intended. March 18, 2013
Bandage Box Really helps organizing all the different band aid I had. Now my husband can always find band aids and topical ointment. March 17, 2013
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