Animal Toothbrush Holder

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Animal Toothbrush Holder

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I love this toothbrush holder! It easily pops in and out without any trouble.

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toothbrushes within reach
3 out of 5

This was great to stick to the wall so my toddlers could reach their own toothbrushes and put their own toothbrushes away. (They were crawling up on the bathroom counter in precarious positions in order to put their toothbrushes away before we got these.) The kids can take ownership of their toothbrushes - my daughter's brush is...

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Animal Toothbrush Holder 4.7 5 29 29
Cute and Motivational! I bought two of these for each of my kids and they stick right on the bathroom mirror. It's a great reminder for the kids to brush their teeth and we can tell if they did or not if the holder/brush is wet. It's also great not to have the toothbrushes lying on the sink or in a dirty cup. April 25, 2014
Great product! Purchased the panda for a stocking stuffer for a 12 year old. That one worked so well that I bought the giraffe for myself. My twelve year old has had it for about 4 months now. The suction cups have only had to be stuck up again only once. Unlike other reviewers, we have had no problem keeping it clean, but perhaps that is because a 12 year old is better at rinsing the toothbrush than younger kids. April 25, 2014
Cute but they don't last. I bought these twice because they were so cute. However, both times they broke at the "hinges" and could not be put back together even though the instructions claim they can be taken apart and cleaned. March 27, 2014
Love it I purchased the holder for my children first, but love how they looked and kept the toothbrushes neatly covered, I purchased them for me and my husband also. March 20, 2014
Cute and sanitary Fantastic organization for kids toothbrushes and much more sanitary than just keeping altogether in cabinet. Reminds kids to brush too!! March 20, 2014
Great fun and practical A great way to keep kids' toothbrushes off the countertop and clean while travelling. March 11, 2014
Fun These toothbrush holders keep our bathroom counter clean! My girls love to hang their toothbrushes in their friends ;) January 28, 2014
Cutest way to keep my toothbrush clean and dry! I purchased one of the beagle brush holders a few years ago and I use it every day. While recently in the store, I decided to pick up another one to keep with my travel bag. I just love being able to keep my toothbrush off the counter, clean and dry. I have it right on the mirror. Right in reach and so adorable. I have a beagle for a pet so of course I had to purchase that one! Love it! November 26, 2013
Perfect for traveling with toothbrush Love these toothbrush holders! They weren't always so cute, but these are perfect for adding to a gift or throwing in a child's stocking at Christmas. Both my husband and I use them when traveling because they keep our toothbrushes off the sink area. I prefer this to throwing my toothbrush in a cup. I stick the holder on the mirror and I've never left it behind because I always see it when I am re-packing. Definitely recommend for everyone to buy one of these! March 18, 2013
Cute! I bought the Panda one to see if it would look weird in the bathroom, but it is so cute. I'm definitely going to buy more as little gifts for people. It is fun and no one would be expecting a cute gift like this. March 8, 2013
Love it What can I say, it is a great looking product and hygienic to boot March 3, 2013
Cute and Functional! We have 6 of the beagle style ones in our house and I've bought them for gifts too. They are a fun way to keep your toothbrushes clean and neatly hung. And since they hang the brush by the bristle part of the brush, there's no problem putting battery powered toothbrushes in them like traditional toothbrush stands. December 10, 2012
Cutest Toothbrush Holder! I bought the giraffe toothbrush holder and I love it! It sticks to the tiles so well, I've only had to re-wet the suction cups once in 4 months. It's pretty strong too, it holds my electric toothbrush and protects the bristles from germs and my cat! April 3, 2012
Adorable and Practical I love this product. Its handfree to open and close. Good for travel and home, and it is cute as pie. March 25, 2012
Makes brushing teeth fun We got one for each of our girls (age 2 and 4) and they love them. They can easily tell which toothbrush is theirs and there's no searching for missing toothbrushes. Both of them can easily get the toothbrush in and out. And the suction cup holds the animal up despite some pulling. The only drawback is trying to clean the inside of it is a little difficult. Rinsing the toothbrush after using it isn't their forte, so "gunk" drips down the handle to the bottom of the holder where it hardens into a ring on their toothbrush. Easy enough to rinse off, just a little pesky. March 20, 2012
Too cute This solves the problem of toothbrushes sitting on the counter. No more gross cup with toothbrushes in it. Everyone who comes to the house comments on how cute these are. I have one for each kid and one for mom too. March 19, 2012
Great gift idea These were great little gifts to put in stockings for the holidays. The holder reminded the recipient that Santa wants them to brush their teeth. March 19, 2012
Adorable Easy to use. Bought as a birhtday gift for a boy. He loved it! March 8, 2012
Creative critters Bought as Christmas presents for nieces. They're going to love them. Perfect for busy travelers and will use at home too. Easy to use and keep toothbrushes separate. Fun! December 13, 2011
Nifty toothbrush holder, not just for kids Decided to get the Panda on a lark since I was ordering a few things, and thought it'd be nifty for usage when traveling. Easily shuts when the brush is put into place, and easily opens with a gentle tug. Sticks to my mirror quite well (which is assuredly a good thing, as other suction cup items I've tried to use fell off in no time.) The head feels like it can worked off, so if there's any adults weary about purchasing one due to being too childish, you can just yank the head off and have a black and white brush holder. (however, if a child yanks the head off, and wants it replaced, it's a difficult task. So far I've only managed to get it to rest on top of the panda.) October 24, 2011
Cute!! Thiese are so cute hanging on the bathroom mirror. I have the dinosaur and the giraffe. They bring a little bit of fun and whimsy and serve an important function - to keep the toothbrushes covered and accessible. February 26, 2011
I Like It doesnt fall off the mirror like most suction cup holders. Keeps my toothbrush clean at the ranch. No telling what crawls around when your gone. February 21, 2011
The suction cup actually works We have the giraffe for my 15 mo old and the dino for my 3 year old. We have them installed on the bathroom mirror so the kids can get them out and put them away themselves. The 15 mo old loves to brush her teeth so this thing gets quite the workout. They have not yet managed to pull them off the mirror yet (since getting them as stocking stuffers at christmas) despite lots of tugging. The little doors open easily when they pull on the toothbrush handle and it closes with an exciting snap! when the toothbrush is pushed back in. The only difficulty is when it gets accidentally closed before the brush gets put back in. There is a tiny tab on the door to open it, but my daughter has a hard time with it and complains when I do it. These holders are cute and colorful, keep the toothbrushes off the sink (and floor!) and allow the kids to help put things away. February 15, 2011
toothbrushes within reach This was great to stick to the wall so my toddlers could reach their own toothbrushes and put their own toothbrushes away. (They were crawling up on the bathroom counter in precarious positions in order to put their toothbrushes away before we got these.) The kids can take ownership of their toothbrushes - my daughter's brush is always in the panda, my son's is always in the dog. The downside is the damp air inside the dark animal body - the toothbrushes don't dry as quickly as if they were out in the open like a traditional toothbrush holder. I have to clean them often to keep on top of mold growth & toothpaste build-up inside. February 1, 2011
Great for kids. Just bought this for my 5 year old son. It is great because it sticks to the mirror. If you are in need of space saving ideas this works great to just get one more thing off of the bathroom counter. January 23, 2011
As Shown Looks exactly as I thought it would (bought it online) based on the picture and description. I think it will be well received - it is a stocking stuffer for Christmas. December 15, 2010
Cute and functional Encourages the kids to put away their toothbrush each time. And easy to pop into a tote for travel. December 14, 2010
Cute This is a super cute way to hold a toothbrush and keep it clean. September 15, 2010
I love this toothbrush holder! It easily pops in and out without any trouble. March 4, 2010
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