Whether you wrap your gifts all in one night or meticulously plan your wrapping schedule – organizing that somewhat "secret" hideaway in the home can save time and make for a festive place to make your gift wrap presentation as special as the gift itself. Follow these tips for creating your own gift wrap area:

Clear Out Clutter

Take inventory of things in the room you haven't used in a year. Throw them away, have a yard sale or donate them to a local charity. This will help you free up valuable floor, drawer and closet space.

Choose a Gift Wrap Organizer

Gift wrap organizers are great for keeping everything you need all in one place. There are a variety of options that work for different types of spaces. A rolling cart is great if you need mobility; a gift wrap organizer that hangs in the closet or slides under the bed keeps those supplies out of sight and out of mind – especially if your gift wrap room is located in your own bedroom.

Inventory Your Supplies

The key to a time-saving gift wrap area is to make sure that once you're there, you have everything you need to get started – wrap, ribbons, tape, scissors, a pen, tags, etc.

Make Sure You Have A Good Work Surface

A flat, hard, work surface is key for perfect corners and a beautiful all-around wrapped gift. A table or a large piece of corrugated cardboard will ensure that there are no unexpected holes or tears in the paper. A portable Gift Packaging Station is an excellent choice for small spaces. It stores all your wrapping supplies and doubles as a roomy work surface.

Schedule Shifts

Large families mean more gifts to wrap and even more wrapping methods and tastes; so schedule time slots for family members to wrap their gifts. This will allow gift-givers to have complete privacy without the chance that someone might barge in and see gifts before the holidays and spoil their surprise.

Make it Festive

Gift wrapping should be a fun experience, not a laborious one. Bring in the spirit of the season by playing holiday music while wrapping gifts. Also a glass of apple cider, wine or eggnog will bring out the holiday cheer and gift wrap creativity.