Some say the shoes make the man. But most women would argue that shoes are the most important component to an outfit. Whether you have five pairs or fifty pairs (or more), here are some tips to keep your shoe collection organized, accessible and protected.

Size up your needs.

A master plan is the best approach to shoe storage. It will help you consider everything in your closet from shoes to belts to hats and will eliminate displacing certain items by only organizing one area of your closet.

Plan for visibility and accessibility: This will give you the ability to see the shoes you need and quickly get to them. Avoid storing shoes underneath hanging clothes if at all possible unless it's a style of storage that can be rolled out for easy access. Look for clear storage boxes to save even more time in the mornings.

Find the right wall or door.

Hanging or mounted shoe storage options can be hung over the door, on a closet rod or on the wall.

Overdoor solutions are a great way to claim extra space in your closet for other things.

Shoe bags that hang on the closet rod are space efficient and give you quick access to the shoes you frequently wear.

Shelves hung on the wall also are great because you can store all styles of shoes, including those with shoe trees, and you can stack clear boxes or clear bins on them.

Floor and shelf shoe storage includes racks and bins that can be stacked up a wall. These are ideal for visibility and provide easy access to a large number of shoes.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine which solution is right for you:

  • What style do I like?
  • Where do I have room to store my shoes?
  • How many pairs of shoes do I need to store? If you like to add to your shoe collection, look for a modular system that you can add on to.
  • What styles of shoes do I have? If you wear a lot of chunky heeled shoes, your storage needs are different from someone who wears a lot of flats.
  • Do I want to use shoe boxes for shoes that aren.t frequently used? Some shoe storage options will accommodate shoe boxes like Our Shoe Boxes.

Shoe Storage 101.

Identify the shoes that are worn most frequently and select an organization solution that will give you quick visibility and access to those pairs.

Store less frequently used shoes in clear boxes or bins on higher shelves in that closet (or possibly in another closet), in clear storage boxes under the bed or use an over-the-door hanger in another room.

Don't develop too many shoe storage locations. One in your closet for often-worn pairs and another space devoted to the rest of your collection is best.

Care and Protection.

We recommend outfitting your shoes with shoe trees to protect the shape of your shoe. Cedar shoe trees, in addition to shaping your shoe, absorb moisture that will weaken and damage the shoe. Plastic shoe trees are fabulous for traveling. They will keep shoes from getting crushed in your suitcase and are lightweight.