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The Right Tools

It's best to use double-sided tape when wrapping gifts for a clean, professional presentation — no tape will be visible. Tape are another must-have tool...push them gently across the paper for a clean, safe cut. They eliminate the squeezing action of conventional scissors that can lead to hand fatigue.

Selecting a Box

Choose a gift box that is large enough to hold your item with plenty of room around the edges for tissue paper or other padding. The Container Store offers a variety of sizes of glossy white gift boxes to fit every need.

Choosing a Wrap

Typically, small patterned wraps work best for small boxes. Wraps with larger designs work well on bigger boxes so that the entire pattern may be seen. It's always a nice touch to select a wrap that speaks to the personality or tastes of the recipient.

Add a Ribbon

For a complete presentation, it's ideal to wrap ribbon around all four sides of the box before adding a bow. If shipping gifts, use wire-edged ribbon, tulle, yarn or cording to avoid crushed or damaged bows. Wire-edged ribbon is very forgiving and can be fluffed once the package reaches its destination.

The Finishing Touch

In addition to the instructions for handmade bows included in this guide, The Container Store offers a variety of tools to make handmade bows even easier. Our gift packaging experts can demonstrate bow making with these tools.

Keep It Organized

Keep all of your wrapping supplies neat, accessible and protected with one of our many gift packaging organization solutions. Depending on how much space you have, you can find solutions at The Container Store for storing these materials on a shelf, under a bed or in a spare closet. It's a good idea to have separate organizers for the holidays and your everyday gift wrap supplies.

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