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Gift Giving On-the-Go

Gift totes are a quick, easy and fun solution for gift-giving — a great idea if you're pressed for time. They're also ideal when traveling by airplane because they offer visibility when going through security. When placing gifts inside a gift tote, wrap each item separately in coordinating tissue. Add additional sheets of tissue or paper shreds on top to completely disguise the contents.

Embellishing Boxes

White gift boxes, or specialty boxes like the ones shown to the right, can be embellished with ribbons, stickers and tags for a distinctive twist on traditional wrapping.

Guess Who?

Don't keep the recipients guessing — let them know who it's from with a gift tag attached to the box or bow. Choose a coordinating or complementary gift tag to add interest to your package.

Thinking Outside of the Box (or Bag)

You can find many interesting alternatives to the traditional wrapped gift or gift tote at The Container Store — just use your creativity! Look for a container that goes with the theme of your gift, add a ribbon and bow, and presto! You've created a one of a kind gift presentation, and a gift within a gift!

Go Bow-less!

For an unusual and attractive take on the traditional bow, use ribbon and a coordinating gift wrap to create your own decorative touch. This is an especially smart solution when shipping gifts, since there is no bow to be crushed. Personalize your gift by scripting the recipient's initial, wedding date or other special message on the package.

Use Your Imagination

Create your own, unique presentation using any number of materials and techniques. Experiment with ribbon in a basket weave pattern, use stickers and decals instead of tape — you're limited only by your imagination! Gift wrapping can be a creative and enjoyable experience — have fun with it!

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