Can't find a box that's tall enough to hold a sculpture, tall lamp, or artificial tree? You can customize a box to suit your needs.

  1. Choose two boxes that have the proper width and length to accommodate the item(s) being packed. The boxes you choose should also be at least half as tall as the height you require. Be sure to allow room for appropriate packing materials.
  2. Open the first box (Box A) and tape the bottom closed. Stand up the top flaps of Box A and tape them together in an upright position.
  3. Load the packing materials and the item(s) into Box A.
  4. Open the second box (Box B) and slip it over the item(s) being packed. Secure the bottom flaps of Box B to the upright flaps of Box A with a generous amount of tape.
  5. Finish filling the newly extended box with packing materials.
  6. Tape the top of the box closed.